Member companies

The following companies have taken part to the cluster. For more information, click the name of the company, the link leads to the company’s site. Note that not all of them provide site in English.


Etelä-Savon Energia Oy
Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE) produces electricity and district heat in its thermal power station in Pursiala, Mikkeli. The most of the electricity produced by the company is produced in the Pursiala power station, which main fuel is wood chips. The fuels used by the company are almost 100 % of Finnish origin and the wood based fuels’ share is more than 80 %. ESE is completely self-contained in energy production and 25 % of the energy produced by ESE is sold outside its area.


Inray Oy Ltd.
Inray Oy Ltd. is a technology corporation, which main products are x-ray measurement equipment for fluoroscopy of logs and systems for measuring the quality and humidity of the biofuels. Inray Fuel quality management system measures the humidity of the fuel, recognizes the fuel types and foreign objects and delivers the information for the process control of the power station. The system helps to improve the efficiency, reduce the emissions and enhance the reliability and the operation time of the power station.


MHG Systems Oy
MGH Systems Oy is one of the world’s leading companies in bioenergy sector’s ERP system producers. The company offers together with its partner network information systems and map service solutions for development of the business based on the different biomasses and improvement of the performance of field working.  MHG Systems’ ERP systems offer exact data of the quality, quantity, energy content and origin of the biomass for the purposes of the various types of actors in the sector.


Otapro Oy
Otapro Oy is a custom engineering works and repair shop that repairs and maintains machines of different sizes, and also the heavy equipment. The company does the design, repair, modification and steel structures of systems. The company produces chipping machines and equipment, machines and conveyors for energy production. In addition, the company maintains the products of LHM Hakkuri Ltd in Finland and Baltic.


Rejlers Oy
Rejlers Finland is part of The Rejler Group. Rejlers Ltd. offers engineering, consultancy and turnkey delivery services for the customers in the fields of industry, energy, construction and property, and infrastructure. Rejlers Energiapalvelut (energy services) is the service producer independent from energy markets and technology suppliers, offering wide range of measurement, balance settlement, reporting, billing and professional services. Rejlers Energiapalvelut is part of the Rejlers Oy’s operations.


Saimatec Engineering Oy
Saimatec Engineering Oy is an engineering company and equipment supplier located in Savonlinna. The corporation’s main products are roll wrapping systems for pulp and paper mills and the material handling systems for energy sector. In addition, the company delivers the technology for biomass drying, which is suitable for various biomasses. The subsidiary of the company, Ässätekniikka Ltd produces the products and offer the engineering works services also for other customers.


Saret Oy
Saret Oy is a mechanical engineering supplier. The company offers services in mechanical engineering subcontracting and turnkey solutions from the design to installation. The company works in European market area. Saret Ltd has a sister company, Dustec Inc., which focuses on fume and dust removal, wreckage and waste pneumatic transferring as well as measuring and condition monitoring equipment deliveries.


Suur-Savon Sähkö Oy
Suur-Savon Sähkö Oy is the energy company operating in eastern side of Lake Päijänne, taking care of the energy production and distribution. The company favours the renewable wood energy produced in Finland and maintains the current hydropower production. In 2010, 25 % of the energy purchased and sold by the company was produced by using the renewable energy sources and 6 % of the electricity was produced locally in the company’s own energy plants.


Torrec Oy
Torrec Oy specializes in the development and commercializing of the production technology of bio-coal pellet. Torrec will provide its customers with a production plant in which low-quality wood-based raw material is processed into high-quality second-generation renewable biofuel. The company also offers upgrades for existing pellet plants into bio-coal production. Torrec has built a pilot production plant in Mikkeli, next to the power plant of Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE).

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