Pilot plant for torrefied wood pellet production: construction started in Mikkeli, Finland

Biosaimaa cluster, coordinated by Mikkeli Innovation and Technology Centre Miktech Oy, aims at the establishment of a commercial scale biocoal production plant to Ristiina as one of its key projects. The plan took a major leap forward as the construction of a torrefaction technology pilot plant started in Mikkeli in October 2013.

The pilot plant encompasses the whole torrefied wood pellet production process from wood chip drying to torrefaction and pelletizing. The plant is being built in the immediate surroundings of Etelä-Savon Energia’s Pursiala power plant, and it is expected to be in operation in early 2014. The implementation of the pilot plant is carried out by Torrec Ltd., which aims to develop and commercialize torrefied wood pellet production technology.

This pilot plant is also a major step for Saimaa Biocoal Plant investment project for large scale biocoal production. The objective of the investment project is to establish a commercial production scale (200 000 t/a) biocoal plant in Ristiina. Partner for commercial scale plant is not chosen yet, and the production is expected to start in 2016 at the earliest.

– The pilot plant will provide information of the suitability of various Finnish wood based materials for biocoal production. In Finland, similar tests have been done earlier mainly in laboratory scale. Now we are close to production scale, says Development Manager Mika Muinonen from Miktech Oy.

Purpose of the whole investment project is to increase the forest based bioenergy production and supersede the imported energy sources by domestic alternative. Consecutively increase of biomass refinement level and bioenergy field business in South Savo region, as well as profiling Mikkeli area as internationally recognized bioenergy field operator is targeted.


More information:

Mika Muinonen, Development Manager, Miktech Ltd., +35-440-361604, mika.muinonen@miktech.fi

Miktech Ltd. is an innovation and technology center in Mikkeli, eastern Finland. Miktech promotes research and business, with an emphasis in the creation of new technology solutions, growth and internationalization of innovative companies. It coordinates strategic business development clusters of the City of Mikkeli, and has an important role in the development of the region. Miktech also provides services with an international scope for example for business collaboration between Russia and Finland. http://www.miktech.fi/eng

Biosaimaa-cluster coordinates the development program of bioenergy in Southern Savonia. The cluster is coordinated by Miktech Oy. The objectives of the cluster’s development program for 2015 are to double the turnover of the bioenergy companies, increase the R&D, enhance the processing of the biofuels and raise the area internationally known forest energy pioneer. The main functions are to enhance the investments of processing plants of new biofuels, and development and implementation of new solutions of distributed energy production. One of the key projects is Ristiina’s biofuel logistic centre that includes biomass torrefaction plant. The coordination of the Biosaimaa-cluster is financed by the Ministry of the Employment and the Economy in Finland. The authority which has granted the financing is the Regional Council of South Savo. http://biosaimaa.fi/in-english

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